Company Overview
THE RAWLINGS GROUP was formed in 1977 to offer legal services to insurance providers. Recognizing the need for specialized recovery services, Rawlings launched what would ultimately become the first subrogation outsourcing program for the healthcare industry. We subsequently launched programs specifically dedicated to medical claims recovery, mass tort litigation, and pharmaceutical claims recovery.  As a national leader in sophisticated data mining and recovery services for the health insurance industry we provide an unsurpassed level of commitment and quality while offering critical cost containment services to the major health care insurers in the US. We are headquartered in LaGrange, KY (just 10 miles north of the Gene Synder on Hwy 71) and locally owned, with a staff of approximately fifteen hundred professionals serving the US health insurance industry.  

Our Vision: The Rawlings Group looks for and develops cost containment services for the health insurance industry in areas that are currently not being served, or not being served well.  Once we develop such a service, it is our goal to become the Industry Standard against which all other service providers are measured.

Our Philosophy: A common philosophy exists in each of the businesses throughout our entire company.  We want to have the best reputation of any vendor serving the health insurance industry. 

Our Principles: We have been largely successful in accomplishing our vision by applying the principle of “doing the right thing” when making all decisions, at every level.  Recognizing that a reputation can be lost easier than it can be made, we hold this as a reminder to stay on our toes and keep this principle at the center of everything we do.  

Rawlings offers a full range of benefits, paid training program as well as a gym, café and coffee shop.

Equal Opportunity Employer
Company Summary
The Rawlings Group
Number of Employees
500 or more
(502) 587-1279
1 Eden Parkway
La Grange, KY